Michael Davies Portfolios
Sunrise Hughes Bay Antarctica
Harris Peak Reclus Peninsular Antarctica
Charlotte Bay Danco Coast Antarctica
Hughes Bay Gerlache Straits Antarctica April 2012
Recess Cove Gerlache Straits Antarctica
Antarctic Peninsular Gerlache Straits Antarctica
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Chilean Base Antarctica 2014
Signey Island Antarctica 2014
Antarctic Peninsular 2014
Krill Trawler Antarctica 2014
Glacier Brabant Island Antarctica 2014
Brabant Island Antarctica 2014
Clearing Storm Antarctica 2014
Antarctic Peninsular 2014
Trinity Island Antarctica 2014
Sunrise Gerlache Straits Anatrctica 2014
Sunrise Over Trinity Island Antarctica 2014
Iceberg Antarctica 2014
Sunset Antarctic Peninsular 2014
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Clearing Storm Antarctica 2014
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Michael Davies
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