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Ostrich Trio
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Bee Eater Series 1
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Kingfisher Series 1
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Secretary Bird
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Cape Buffalo
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Peregrine Falcon Original
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Homage to Dali
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Homage to Dali Detail
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Cape Sugarbird
Bee Eater Series 2
Kingfisher Series 3
Kingfisher Series 3 Detail
Kingfisher Series 3 Branch detail
Ostrich Pair Series 2
Sky Lark
Peregrine Falcon Stainless Steel on Granite Base 5"x5"x15"H
Pricing and Details
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Peregrine Falcon Original
5 Inches
16 Inches
25 Kilograms
Price :
Price On Request
Michael Davies
Additional Sales Info:
The original stainless steel master from which 12 limited edition bronzes were cast. Please contact me for either a bronze edition or this original masterpiece.